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"This is an exceptional tool for charities who are establishing a new planned giving program or are looking to update their administrative guidelines..."
Diane MacDonald , Executive Director, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

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Planforgifts.com goes well beyond the nuts and bolts of the various gift instruments, and provides users with a complete tool set that enables policy crafting, inflow projections and gift tracking, effective database mining, meaningful recognition, program marketing, and success measurement."
Jeni Piepgrass , CKUA Radio Foundation

"I am getting a lot of valuable information from Planforgifts.com"
Wendy Kaye , Salt Spring Island Foundation

"...explains planned giving concepts in easy to understand terms that can be used to assist potential donors, no matter how sophisticated."
Catharine Walwyn , Estate and Trust Specialist, Royal Trust Corporation

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Planforgifts.com was founded by Leslie Howard who brings a wealth of experience in the field of estate planning and corporate philanthropy to the task of creating this site. Well known in the planned giving community, Leslie has over 20 years experience in financial planning, charitable trust and estate planning. Visit About Us then Company History to learn more.

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Planned Giving at a Glance

Visit What's New for a quick tutorial on the five most common types of planned gifts and their tax effect.

Marketing in the Age of the Web 2.0

Blogs, e-newsletters, social networks and media sharing - how can charities and professional advisors make use of the Web 2.0 to market their message? Planforgifts.com members can visit the Marketing Section of the Toolkit for this newly added information.

Donating Securities in a Down Market
  - A New Spin on an Old Idea -

With the past emphasis on gifting appreciated securities, charities and their donors have forgotten that there can be advantages for donors to make a gift of depreciated securities as well.

The markets have been very unstable recently and most investors now find themselves holding portfolios that have declined in value. As donors stop making gifts of appreciated securities, charities are loosing out on this once important stream of gifts, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
For more information, visit What's New

Social Networking and Gifts of Life Insurance

The charitable sector is starting to seriously look at social networking sites as an opportunity to connect with a new generation of potential charitable donation supporters and to attract planned gifts. Today's 20-somethings use sites like Facebook and My Space to "converse" with friends and to explore issues of importance to them. Fundraising associations and individual charities can establish a social networking presence simply by creating a Facebook page and inviting "fans" to "post messages on the wall" or by developing a group for discussion of important social issues that relate to the charity's cause.

Gifts of life insurance through estate planning can be an ideal vehicle for those supporters who consider a planned gift to the charity or cause they most connect with. Life insurance is relatively cheap and easy to obtain when purchased by the young and healthy and can ultimately turn a small gift into a much larger one for the charity organization. For more, visit What's New

The Seven Deadly Sins of Charitable Giving

It is estimated that a full third of those individuals who set out to make a charitable donation do not complete the task. Make your gift count and make a difference.

Donors and corporate fundraisers visit What's New and click on the the left hand tool bar Gift Planning News to read more.
The 7,000 word document or Power Point presentation entitled "The Seven Deadly Sins of Charitable Giving" is available for download after becoming a Planforgifts.com member. For charitable donation information visit the Donor Pages of the Members Only section.

Gifts of Securities

It is estimated that Canadians hold a total of $1.3 trillion in securities and about half of that is capital gains. Gifts of securities are a great way for donors to execute philanthropy planning to the charity organization of their choice rather than the tax man. Charitable gifts such as these have been rising steadily from $69 million in 1997 to $200 million in the year 2000.

It was estimated that Canadians gave $600 million to $1 billion in gifts of securities in 2006! For ideas on how your charity organization can plan for gifts of securities, go to the What's New Section and see the simple marketing plan.

To access the sample Gift Acceptance Policies for charitable gifts of securities and other gifts, become a Planforgifts.com member and visit the Policies section of the Toolkit in Members Only.